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senator kerry as our next secretary of state. it's a great honor to serve in the united states senate. it's a privilege and honor to represent people here in the united states senate and part of that special privilege for people that we serve white. incredible public servants that we have had the privilege of serving life in the united states senate. i put senator kerry at the top of that list. he has devoted his life to public service. he is so qualified to assume responsibilities of secretary of state. he understands this complex world in which we live in. and the differences among countries. many are strategically important to the united states if they don't share our values. senator john kerry understands that. he understands the importance to advance u.s. interests and we need to understand concerns of other countries and we need to establish relations with other countries. he's made a personal commitment to understand the world in which we live and area i don't think there's been a member of this body that has spent more time, going to more places, met with more people, in order to
is this the president and his advisors look at the united states senate, d.c. number one, a willingness to solve the problem of fixing the data in a bipartisan way. i get the feeling they don't believe that about us. i don't know what else we can do to cause them to believe that. there's not the same kind of comfortable relationship back and forth that there should be. i've heard some people say well, the johnson derksen days was inching his jury. that is ancient history. madam president, human nature doesn't change. not in 50 years, not 100 years, not 500 years. there's plenty of good will here the isle, on the side of the aisle at the beginning of this term to work with a newly enough to reprint that to say we're ready to fix the data. provide the leadership. no great crisis as ever result of presidential leadership in your the president. you're the only one who can layout the plan. and we'll consider it, amend it, argue, change it passÉ. but now we can get onto the president's agenda about what should have a difference of opinion. but he'll go down in history as the man who is willing to do
to send me to the united states senate. yesterday, nearly three decades after the people of massachusetts voted me in the office, the people i work with in the senate voted out. as always, i accept the senate sound judgment. eight years ago i admit i had a very different plan from a slightly different to read the senate, the 61 billion americans voted they wanted me to stay here with you. and so, stay in here learned about humility and sometimes the greatest lesson in life comes not from victory, but dusting yourself off after her defeat in starting over when he did not sound. i was reminded throughout this journey is something often said, but not always fully appreciated. all of the senators are only as good as their staff. i sat the kids up nights and weekends, postpones vacations, doesn't get home in time to type children in bad and all those last moments because they are here hoping to serve. they are not elected. they didn't get into public service to get rich. that's for sure. and their names are rarely in the newspapers. but from the stuff in the mail rooms to the people who answer
was ahead of the curve of almost every politician i know in the united states senate and congress, when he offered the iranian freedom and security act. the syrian accountability act. those were not just since things have percolateed in the arab spring. those were well in advance. he knows more about the interactions between mahmoud ahmadinejad and chavez than any of our politician. so in terms of who or enemy is and where the war is being fought, he was at the first one to use the term islamo fascist. but he was told he can't use the term. in christianity we have people who handle snakes and speak in tongues and people who might show up on easter and christmas. that whole realm of christianity is the same in islam. the simon wiesenthal in l.a. -- received an award for holding a conference in indonesia that brought imams and survivors from the holocaust, and it was on the newspaper, if my friend ahmadinejad says the holocaust didn't exist, i call him a liar. so you can look at the friends of america who are muslims and you look at the enemy who are trying to take the united states and repl
would be deemed not serious are the media will fail the united states senate. in a proposal to restrain growth is immediately deemed not serious in washington d.c. term limits are deemed nonserious in washington d.c. kept in federal clothes by the federal budget but private sector economy also do not serious in washington d.c. the truth is anything serious is deemed not heiress washing to d.c. and then senator obama voted against raising the debt ceiling, he said he was doing up because the national debt was outrageous a train dollars. i want to quote the president because he clarified for effect $8 trillion. under president about our national debt is over $16 trillion climbing, larger than our entire economy and he's not worried at all. indeed, he caused the progress. remember his campaign slogan? have got news for the president. if washington's guidance going forward, america's economy is going backwards. instead of managing government, it's time to address how we can make america to please her she can once again become the land of upper charity, a place of opportunity. we should put
to examine how we ought to stabilize health care spending in the united states. we all know that it is now a huge part of our economy. accounting for 18% of gdp. that is $2.2 trillion for those we don't know the exact size of the 2011 gdp. and i'm sure the policy student somewhere play a drinking game based upon how many times the word unsustainable is used. but the spending figures released for the third year in a row, aggregate spending grew by 3.9%. the smallest increment in decades. to paraphrase ross perot's running mate in the debate many years ago, why are we here? at least one response to the question is we don't know if the health care cost have been slain or is just hibernating. how much comes from the sluggish economic recovery where people are postponing care over which they have any kind of discussion at all what about expensive treatments and tests them for the most expensive health care programs is the fact that 10,802 joining and joining me in the over 65 set everyday. despite relatively encouraging news -- [inaudible] we are talking today about this, which is a century old
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6